Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The awesome progress I made yesterday has been overshadowed by the Meh of today.

I had a meeting this morning which contributed to my foul mood. It’s disheartening to watch people be rewarded and recognized for what you know is average-at-best work, especially when receipt of a live award check is involved. The other factor into my pissiness was a peer who asked for, and fought for, an added workload, then complains about the stress and how overworked they are, treats everyone like shit because of the stress, but magically has half a day free to go fuck off and then come back to their desk and brag about it.

It’s just one of those wanna-punch-people-in-the-face-then-go-home-and-take-a-nap days.


sarah said...

Ugh. I know this feeling. Hope it gets better.

Where do you live that there are heards of pigs?

ZDub said...

That's some bullshit.

I hope today is better.

tincupchalice said...

I TOTALLY feel ya on this one! Working in the public sector I see this BS all the time!