Monday, September 14, 2009

The best part of this weekend...

...was, after being guided on a whirlwind tour through one of three Greek houses as part of a Mock (as in practice) Sorority Recruitment event, have Jamie turn to me and say, with a look of wide-eyed horror, "KMITB."

During my 2 years at university, I never set foot in a sorority house. The closest I've gotten is watching "Legally Blonde", and so to be honest, that's what I expected.

And boy, did these chicks deliver.

Being accosted by 40 screaming, cheering, clapping girls upon entering a house, being around so much flatironed bleached hair, and watching the looks on these girls' faces when they learned that I am not actually of college age and planning to rush, that I am OLD and MARRIED and a GROWN-UP (don't even pretend that I look anywhere 18 - please), listening to a girl brag to me that her house had the biggest parking lot of all the houses on the Row, and then being escorted out the front door 10 minutes later to an equally screamy, cheery, clappy Goodbye song, was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my entire life.

Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God Snippets From That Afternoon
  • "Wow, you work for Naaahsaaaa?!?! That is soooo AHHHSAAAAHM!"

  • "We're, like, the only house that can paint our rooms however we want. But they're all, like, pink! Because that's, like, everyone's favorite color!"

  • "The girl that made up the dances for our skit is, like, a really good dancer. She met some of the, like, people who dance on So You Think You Can Dance." [pauses for dramatic effect]

But I'm really glad that I went - it makes for a good laugh, and gives me some insight on what I missed out on...and really didn't at all.

Too bad we didn't see this girl, because THAT would have been AHHHSAAAAHM!


Jamie said...

It must be said that we cannot make shit like this up. For reals.

tincupchalice said...

FOR REALS! I never rushed ... and had no desire for all that BS. It's hilarious though to witness in person. I work at a University and I see stuff like that every day. Oh my goodness ... I have no words! Thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

My favorite part of this blog post is that you actually clarified that you were at a practice for the run through, not an event where you make fun of the run through. You are killing me.

Also, I did rush, but I didn't pledge and I can verify that you are in fact not making this up and this is why I didn't "Go Greek."

Alyx said...


I am Trish Marie said...

I rushed. Because that is what all good former high school cheerleaders do. I made it all of ten days into pledging before I decided that I should back away quickly before either

A. stabbing myself in the eye with someone's ahhhhsaaaahm pearl and diamond pin.
B. beat one of those drones with that effin paddle their big sister got them.

I still don't know what I was thinking. I don't tend to like large groups of women. Or pink. Or say "like" ninety times in one sentence.

ZDub said...

Hellz nah, you know I would have beat a bitch down.

I went to a sorority party with a friend once in college. I got wasted because the party was so gahdamn boring.

They asked us to leave when I threw a cue ball.

At the TV.