Thursday, October 29, 2009

Idea for an invention:

Some kind of remote access PA system that would allow you to speak to other drivers on the road via their stereo system. Imagine being able to *actually* cuss out that a-hole who cut you off, instead of them just ignoring your honking, mouthing of obscenities, and rude gestures. Or even better: for those crazy, ultra-right wing tin foil hat conservatives that have ‘THE END IS NEAR’ bumper stickers – how awesome would it be to speak to them and pretend to be the voice of God? SO AWESOME.

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tincupchalice said...

OMG. I just saw this ... and HELLZ YEAH ... I'd be all for it. I already cuss them out in my own car and this would just be a way for them to actually hear me instead of just those fortunate to be riding in the car with me. PLEASE INVENT THIS. Thank you ;-)