Monday, October 5, 2009


Because of the way our living room is arranged, and how the air flows with the fans and air vents, the loveseat is the coolest (as in cool not bitchinest or bossest or awesomest) place in the house. That, plus its proximity to the television and the coffee table for remote storage, make it ideal for napping. It is truly magical.

So at 2:30 this morning when I was still painfully wide awake, I migrated in hopes of some relief. Failure. Fuck you, magic couch.

(Random side note, I keep typing "couche" instead of "couch", I think because I'm so used to typing "douche". Heh.)

At 7 this morning I finally dozed off for a couple of hours, though it was only after downing some Tylenol PM, but since I didn't sleep it all off I still feel detached and strange. I slept very little and fitfully on Saturday night, too, so I'm stupid and prone to spacing out. I am bored and there is nothing good on tv, but I don't have my glasses to read and I don't trust myself to drive anywhere.

Insomnia is up there with nausea as the most infuriating and frustrating states to be in. That was bad grammar, but you get what I mean.

What do you do when you can't sleep?


Beth said...

Sadly, I migrate towards the kitchen (as long as it's just insomnia, not nausea). That, or I catch up on DVR'd TV shows and my favorite past-time is google-ing people I know and trying to find things out about them. Yep, it's semi stalker-ish but I always find the craziest stuff!

tincupchalice said...

I force myself to stay in bed even if I can't sleep ... and eventually I will nodd off. I've also been known to take a diazepam about a half hour before bed to help me relax, if needed. Also, I find that if I "wear myself out" via physical exercise (running, sex, whatever) that I sleep better. But insommnia SUCKS. Good luck!

Allie said...

When I can't sleep I usually get up and take a Tylenol PM right away then surf the net till it kicks in...or I eat a bunch of cookies.

I am Trish Marie said...

The never fail trick for me is to play the Dynomite on MSN games. Two rounds, and I am out. I have determined this is because I used to play it at work, which bored the hell out of me. It is like a Pavlovian Response.