Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh no, Katharine McPhee. My girl crush on you is officially over.

Way to make yourself look totally generic and washed out.

I will never be able to braid your pretty, pretty hair while we wear mud masks and watch Grease and sing along and talk about boys while wearing very cute pajamas and fuzzy slippers, and we will laugh and laugh and my teeth are whiter because I don't drink too much coffee and also I have better upper arm tone.

We are through.
But at least we (me) will always have the memories (daydreams).


Allie said...

Ewwww, what was she thinking?

John said...

Can I still have a crush on her though? We can sit around in our panties and eat chili and fart and laugh so hard we fart some more. That's hot.