Friday, January 8, 2010

We have two bathrooms in the house: the master bath (Mine), and the guest bath (John's).
Some pipe/hose thingy on the toilet (and can I just say that I preder "toilet" to "commode"; "commode" just sounds...bloated and uncomfortable.) in MY bathroom has a leak, so rather than messing with the valve every time, I have been using JOHN'S toilet in the guest bath.

I hate that toilet.

John insists that it is THE SAME TOILET with THE SAME SEAT, but friends, my butt tells me another story. That toilet just doesn't sit right; my toilet feels like...Home. When I had my foot surgery a while back and had to get around the house in a rolling office chair, I had to use The Other Bathroom since it was much easier to roll to, and I hated it Every. Single. Time. I rejoiced when I was finally able to hobble around well enough to head back to my home turf.

Anyway, this post does not have much of a point (except to say "TOILET!" a lot) except to say that I am very picky and obsessive about some things to the point of veering into Rain Man territory. I assure John that other people are like this too, and he says Yeah, they are called CRAZIES. Help me out here - what are you very particular about? Or am I actually crazy?


I am Trish Marie said...

You tell John that I only shit at HOME. AT HOME. I like my bathroom that much. It makes for some uncomfortable vacations.

Although that might not help your case, because my husband assures me that is crazy.

jules said...

When ya know, ya know!