Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J: What?
G: Guess who just texted me. KIM!
J: Seriously?
G: YES! "Been 2 long gurl, what is up?"
J: Wow.
G: I KNOW. See, that is why I'm glad I have not deleted her number - so that way I can know to avoid her.
J: So text her back, see what she wants.
G: IT IS TEN THIRTY AT NIGHT. ON A TUESDAY. I AM IN BED. Except that I wasn't, I was on the computer. And it's been well over a year since I talked to her. So this probably means that she's moving again and wants help.
J: You don't know that - maybe she's changed.
G: (The Look)
J: Yeah, probably not.

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Jamie said...

God, haven't thought about that girl in AGES. You're right - she probably changed jobs or houses or boyfriends again and needs help moving. Avoid!