Monday, September 29, 2008

So even though we have power back and everything’s been pretty hunky dory, we’re having some water issues (we have a well because we live in the sticks). Apparently abruptly turning off your water well for nearly two weeks will screw it up. Dig, if you will, the picture: I am happily showering this morning, with my collection of assorted hair product and girly foofoo stuff to keep me company, and all of a sudden the water just….sort of…..stops… I turn the faucet off and on a few times, and no dice. So I do what anyone left half-showered at 6 in the morning would do; I stand there helplessly, dripping water, unrinsed conditioner, face covered in goo, and start screaming for help. J finally stumbles into the bathroom and seems sort of mad and yet amused to see me standing there shivering and naked as the day I was born (though more heavily tattooed). Turns out that there was sediment or something clogging the water line, and it finally worked its way out, but not before I completed a hasty 30-second-waning-water-pressure-lukewarm-at-best rinse in the other shower. Suck. Not the way one would like to start off what is already turning into a hell of a week.

So I’m off to make cookies to bring for my coworkers tomorrow in an effort to put some good energy out there. I hope a story featuring my bare ass has brought you some amusement, or at the very least some reassurance that between the two of us, I am the one that has looked like more of an idiot today. Congratulations, you win!


Electric Monk said...

Wait a minute. You're tatooed?

Gin said...

I KNOW. It was a shock to me, too.

jamie said...

See, that's the moment that if they laugh at you, there is kind of hell to pay later, even though you, too, will laugh about the story later in the day as well. Sigh.