Monday, August 2, 2010

Did you see finslippy’s post about her dog Charlie?

My haircut is starting to look somewhat like hers (albeit mine still has 2 ½ month-old, busted-ass highlights, which I am sick of). And lately I’ve been thinking, GOD I NEED A HAIRCUT SO BAD (but I’m putting it off for a couple more weeks so I can afford to fix the color too), and so I’ve been on the lookout for haircut pics for variations on the short cut I have already. And so I’m looking at her pics, and I am all, I LOVE HER HAIR MUST SAVE THIS PICTURE. But then I will take it in to my hairdresser, and she will be all, THIS IS WHAT YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE THIS VERY SECOND EXCEPT WITHOUT OLD-ASS HIGHLIGHTS AND PERHAPS 1/8 INCH TRIM AROUND YOUR EARS. And then I will be all, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, JUST MAKE ME LOOK CUTE LIKE ALICE BRADLEY, because LOOK AT HER, AND I WANT A DOG TOO, and my hairdresser will be all Okay, CRAZY LADY, snipsnip, that will be 50 BUCKS, PLEASE, and then I will be disappointed because I will NOT LOOK LIKE ALICE BRADLEY and also I WILL NOT HAVE A DOG.

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